How On Demand Works


How On Demand Works

Intercept On Demand

Intercept On Demand allows bedside providers to quickly connect with the Intercept TeleMed specialist physicians for consultative support, delivering critical care expertise to bedside teams at any location, any time.

Our versatile and intuitive telemedicine application, designed for provider collaboration and on-demand crtitical care consultations, enter patient information, request a consultation, and connect with remote intensivist or specialist or network for critical care decision support.

Intercept On Demand enables clinicians to:
-Exchange clinical information through secure text and photo messaging,
-Use video call to perform assessment of patients,
-Use audio call to collaborate remotely and formulate a care plan,
-View interfaced vital signs and laboratory data.

Create an account today as a bedside provider and connect with Intercept TeleMed’s specialized critical care and specialist physicians for support of critically ill patients, whenever and wherever it is needed.