Advanced Data Analysis and
Optimized Productivity


Predictive Analytics for Proactive Care

Intercept TeleMed Operates ‘Independently In Parallel’ with Your Hospital

Intercept TeleMed provides a scalable, centralized solution to a host of challenges associated with critical care in the modern ICU. With Intercept, you’ll discover how critical care tools and resources are always both available and customizable to suit your specific needs. As such, we provide assistance that is fully independent of the location of your hospital. The benefits are plentiful. Intercept uses a centralized, hub-and-spoke model to provide transformational critical care, making use of:

  • A/V technology
  • Predictive analytics
  • Data visualization
  • Advanced reporting capabilities


People, Process & Technology

The advantages of this robust combination include:

  • Transforming care practices
  • Use of a centralized, continuous demand model of clinical surveillance
  • Advanced clinical decision support analytics that:
  • enable clinicians to identify clinically meaningful results
  • ensure ICU staff can intervene at the earliest indication of imminent danger to your patients

The combination of a sophisticated technological approach with live, human expertise and a dynamically designed process provides the capability to do something once unimaginable: anticipate – and even prevent – patient adverse events from occurring. Of course, the ultimate beneficiaries of Intercept’s Tele-ICU are patients. Not just numbers or statistics, these are real people with real health issues. From admission to discharge, each patient can be confident he/she is being attended to with the utmost care by clinical care teams effectively and specifically collaborating through integrated A/V. Perhaps counter-intuitively, Intercept optimizes productivity and maximizes patient care with minimal clinical resources.

Intercept TeleMed Tele-ICU Core
People, Process & Technology

Like any working hub, Intercept has many spokes. The 3 most central to Intercept’s success are People, Process and Technology.

Patient Data Management - Intercept TeleMed
Insights Into Patient Management Through Data Access

Intercept is your partner in offering the highest-caliber patient management. Intercept has access to the largest database of ICU stays in the world. This is of immeasurable benefit to our customers. Our refined algorithm is based on these significant data.

Tele-ICU - Clinical Transformation
The Value of Clinical Transformation

At Intercept, we believe clinical transformation results from a preponderance of data measured by the most sophisticated data analytics tools. The facts support our conviction1

Keys to Success: People, Process and Technology


  • Centralized, intensivist-led care teams made up of…
  • A program executive
  • A clinical program manager
  • A program manager
  • Their support team


  • Data transparency driving continuous improvement
  • System-wide, standardized reporting
  • Superior population management through novel clinical workflows


  • Continuous monitoring tools
  • Clinical decision support
  • Population Management
  • Integrated Video Assessment
  • Care Coordination
  • Interoperability with devices and the EMR
Modern Tele-ICU Architecture

Insights Into Patient Management Through Data Access

Patient Management

  • Clinical Decision Support
  • Automated Acuity
  • Graphical Depiction of Pain, Agitation and Delirium
  • The Sepsis Prompt
  • Discharge Readiness Scores
  • Smart Alerts

The Largest Database

  • 700,000 patients
  • 219 Hospitals
  • 32 health systems
  • 402 ICUs

The Value of Clinical Transformation


  • A 20% decrease in ICU mortality
  • A 13% reduction in hospital mortality for ICU patients
  • A 30% shorter duration of stay in the ICU
  • A 26% shorter hospital stay for ICU patients

1. Lily CM, et al. Hospital Mortality, Length of Stay and Preventable Complications Among Critically Ill Patients Before and After Tele-ICU Reengineering of Critical Care Processes. JAMA. June 2011; 305(21) 2175-83

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